Friday recap and what to expect Saturday morning


Friday was a rousing success. The attendees have met, exchanged ideas, picked the their favorites from the lots, formed into groups, and started to work on their ideas. We all found out the hard way that the building closed at 10pm instead of 11 so the group shot will have to wait till the morning, but otherwise the evening was everything everyone associated with it was hoping for. Below is the link to the we used for the evening.

Startup Weekend Part 2 from steve blank on Vimeo.

For those looking to see more information regarding the Steve Blank presentation, he’s got many, many presentations online at slideshare.net. For example, here is his a link to his Lean Launchpad presentation

The weekend groups are…

  1. ICE MED – an app which stores prescription data on a mobile device
  2. Handy People network – a website / app where users can post jobs for local handymen to bid.
  3. Find My car. – a user-tracking app that utilize gps location data and velocity

When you get in Saturday morning

When you get in this morning, you will be greeted with donuts, cold pizza and a dozen or so hard-boiled eggs left over from the Schwedland family Easter celebration. Water, coffee, tea, and pop will also be around.

Saturday marks the arrival of the coaches

The coaches will be arriving throughout the day to advise, assist, guide, council and provide insight. Lean heavily on them. Rely on them.

Remember to keep close watch on the schedule

The schedule is listed on nwindiana.startupweekend.org. Keep track of it throughout the day. This will help you keep pace to get your idea ready to go.

Also, pay mind to the 5 tips Kelly and I learned during Startup Weekend Cincy. It’ll get you to the finish line.

See you in the morning.