See what the new companies will do next at the May 21st meetup at Catch22 Bar & Grille


The companies have been developed. They’re well on their way. Now…what’s next?

It’s time to get a little help!

2015-05-21 Meetup “Call out for help – Moving your startup forward as a team”

Kelly Schwedland & Karen Goldener of Elevate Ventures along with those crazy, wonderful hipsters, hackers and hustlers will be having a meetup at Catch22 Bar & Grille with members of the Startup Weekend Northwest Indiana winners on May 21st at 6pm to discuss exactly those next steps.

Titled, “Call out for help – Moving your startup forward as a team,” Kelly will be giving a short, efficient session on the tips, tricks, tactics and resources that recently-vetted companies such as those from Startup Weekend Northwest Indiana will need to make it to the next level.

In Kelly’s words:

“While it is easier than ever to start a company today, it has become increasingly difficult to build a successful company as a solopreneur. Getting the right team of hipsters, hackers and hustlers is crucial early in a startups life.

“And is always the case in every startups there is time when you hit a wall and just need a hand moving forward. This month we’ll have a call out session where you can share what resources you need to move forward and get connected to folks that can help you over that hurdle.

“We’ll have several talented Developers, Designers and Business Development folks around that you can get connected to or get direction from. “

Networking, Q&A, food samples and shenanigans to follow

Here are the details of the upcoming event:

Innovators: mount up and meet us a Catch22 on the 21st

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